Nightsong Operatives is a custom game modification for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It features team-based action with role playing elements. You choose the moral fiber found in the Operatives and the final destination of their mission.

Nightsong Mercenaries is a sequel/spinoff of Nightsong Operatives which features fast-paced, arcade style action. It's akin to "The Mercenaries" minigame in the Resident Evil series. Channel: Nightsong

Latest Versions

Nightsong Mercenaries: 1.17c. Updated 11/6/10. Changelog.

Nightsong Operatives: 1.05. Updated 10/23/09. Changelog.


"Best zombie map EVER period."
- Reaper51

"...made me to play with friends..."
- Spazztrops

"Simply a great map."
- mikey4555

"This is one of the best, most fun maps I have ever played."
- Bullshot


11/14/10 - Version 1.17c of Nightsong Mercenaries released.

11/6/10 - Version 1.17b of Nightsong Mercenaries released.

11/4/10 - Version 1.17a of Nightsong Mercenaries released.

10/31/10 - Version 1.17 of Nightsong Mercenaries released.

10/07/10 - New superplay for Nightsong Mercenaries uploaded (Score 4,640,200).

09/14/10 - New superplay for Nightsong Mercenaries uploaded (Score 5,020,900).

07/24/10 - Version 1.16b of Nightsong Mercenaries released.

06/28/10 - New superplay for Nightsong Mercenaries uploaded (Score 12,154,050).

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